Practical activities

Practical activities

During the period between 3.03.2020-3.04.2020 the lectures and practical activities are available on the discipline's website and on Moodle.
Students are expected to solve the practical activities at home during this period.
For the validation of your on-line attendance, the solved labs for weeks 3.03-3.04 need to be sent by email to your group instructor.

For help and guidance with solving the practical activities access: Instructions and Interpretations.

During these weeks, students are expected to read the course and laboratory materials and solve the practical activities at home.

The solved practical activities need to be sent to your group assistant by email before the end of each week.

Each week, during normal class hours (according to each group's regular/on-site weekly schedule), your group instructor will be available on Teams to answer your questions and assist you with solving your weekly practicals.

During those hours, your attendance on the Teams platform will be recorded.