Practical Activity 01 - Formulas and functions

Learning Objectives:

For this lab, you should work in Excel in the English language. If you need to install the Microsoft Office package please follow the instructions from the link "VINEN Instruction to instal the Microsoft Teams, Office" present at the bottom of this page.

Please make the requests present at the bottom of this page. Access the link LP1_request_formulas_and_functions_quarantine to download them. Each student should work alone, each resulted file should be made by the student. It will be checked for authenticity. 

 After this activity, the student should know how to enter a formula and a function in Excel.

LP1_request is compulsory to make to be present at this lab.

LP1_request_Formulas and Functions_quarantine is for students who are beginners in Excel. It contains more hints, in rest is the same as LP1_request_Formulas_and_functions.

For other hints use LP1_hint_Formulas and Functions.

Supplementary work LP1_optional_Formulas and Functions (+0.5pct for the practical exam)

Please send the compulsory and supplementary (optional) Excel file by email

 Deadline - today

The deadline for supplementary work - one week.

 All the correspondence with the teacher during this period of quarantine should be address in Teams during the classes. After the classes please use the private chat in Teams or the groups chat if it concerns more than one student.

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